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The Academy consists of four main departments, namely, Petroleum Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Natural Gas Technology Engineering, which were established according to the requirements of the labor market in the oil industry in Yemen.

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The Yemen Academy of Oil and Gas working for Preparation of technical graduates with scientific and technical skills and abilities of high professional quality and personal and cognitive qualities in the fields of oil specialization that meet the needs of the local, Arab and international labor market and raise the professional level of workers in the fields of energy and petroleum industries and benefit from academic experiences in linking scientific research programs to the problems of society.

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His field of engineering and in later years the student moves to the stage of specialization to provide him with theoretical and practical knowledge, engineering practical skills and building scientific thinking , communication skills , problem solving and professional ethics so that he can invest his theoretical knowledge and practical experience in his career after graduation.

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The Yemeni Academy for Oil and Gas Engineering was established by Ministerial Decree No. (127) for the year 2017 issued by the Minister of Technical Education and Vocational Training Mr. Mohsen Al-Naqeeb on 29/2/2017. The Academy comprises four distinct and distinct departments in the oil industry. It was planned to prepare for the establishment of the "Yemen Academy of Oil and Gas Engineering" and provide the necessary capabilities, including the most important laboratories and workshops that were provided with the latest equipment and equipment for the first time in Yemen.
The Academy consists of four main departments: Petroleum Engineering, Mechanical, Electricity and Natural Gas Technology, which were established according to the requirements of the labor market in the oil industry in Yemen.These sections include a number of divisions with the aim of graduating specialized cadres, not generals.

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Dear students and of the Yemen Academy of Oil and Gas Engineering, Welcome to the Yemen Academy of Oil and Gas Engineering, this technical academy, which carries all the torches of science, knowledge and modern laboratory equipment on the land of beloved Yemen, the land of civilization and history, hoping that you will find in your academy all that you aspire to. It is my pleasure to extend to you my heartfelt congratulations to my dear students on the start of the new school year and wished God the Almighty all success in your studies.And all faculty and teaching staff and the staff of the Academy in the service of our students to overcome all the difficulties facing you, both the educational and administrative process in the Academy in order to create a generation of educated able to take responsibility and give. I invite you to practice all scientific , technical, cultural activities and student elections so as to create awareness, development and community participation in you and to make each student a valid building block for the desired progress to be achieved in the bright future.

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