Academy Facilities

The Yemen Academy of Oil and Gas Engineering provides the necessary capabilities, the most important of which are laboratories and workshops that have been provided with the latest equipment and equipment and for the first time in Yemen to achieve the objectives of student success.

Academy Labs

The Academy has modern laboratories in all disciplines related to the technology of oil and gas engineering, imported from international companies (German, British, French, Italian, and American) with extensive experience in manufacturing the finest laboratory equipment in the world

Academic Library

The Academy's library was established and equipped with the latest references, in addition to an electronic library that includes multiple references and researches.

Academic halls

The Academy has been dedicated to providing classrooms equipped with modern means of electronic presentation, and the locations of these halls were carefully selected in order to provide a suitable learning environment to stimulate the thinking and creativity of students

Scientific Museum

Based on the importance of museums and their role in spreading the scientific culture, the Academy has been keen to allocate a pavilion to display models related to various fields of oil and gas engineering, which include but not limited to the following:
- Samples of crude oil. - Samples of different oil derivatives. - Rock samples representing rocks generated and stored for oil and gas. - Rock pulp samples obtained from oil and gas wells. - Maps of oil and gas fields in Yemen. - Geological and geophysical maps. - Models of equipment used in oil and gas fields. - Model of the drilling tower. - A model for oil and gas refineries.