Academy Admission

The Yemen Academy of Oil and Gas Engineering is a scientific edifice established in 2017 aiming to prepare technically qualified cadres in the fields of oil and gas applications and technology to contribute effectively to scientific and economic development .

Academic Degrees Awarded

The Council of the Yemen Academy of Oil and Gas Engineering shall grant, upon the request of the meeting of the Council, the following degree:
The graduate student is granted a Higher Technical Diploma (three years) in one of the following specializations:
1) oil Engineering.
2) Mechanical Engineering.
3) Electrical Engineering.
4) Natural Gas Technology Engineering.

Registration Requirements in Academy

In order to register for the Higher Technical Diploma degree in the academic departments, the student must have the following:
1) Submit a high school diploma or form or its equivalent at a rate not less than 60%.
2) The student should submit two photocopies of the high school form.
3) The student must submit a copy of the ID card or a copy of the passport.
4) The student should submit 12 personal photos without improvement with a white background.

Distribution of students among disciplines

Students are allocated to the divisions in the specialization stage as determined by the Academy Board of regulations based on the proposals of the department councils.

Duration and Study System

The duration of the study to obtain the degree of higher technical diploma in the Yemen Academy of Oil and Gas Engineering (Oil Engineering - Mechanical Engineering - Electrical Engineering - Natural Gas Technology Engineering) three academic years (6 semesters) Each semester is fifteen weeks .

Field Training Students

The field training diploma is compulsory for all students enrolled to obtain the Higher Technical Diploma certificate. Training is conducted in the summer semester or in one of the classes according to the requirements of the student's study plan. The student is charged 3 credit hours for each 140 training hours. The focus is on the following points:
1. Strengthen and develop the knowledge and skills acquired by the student during his studies.
2. Empowering and assisting the student in planning his career.
3- The field visits program officer shall determine the field training program for the students in any of the mentioned divisions and supervise them in the internal training in the academy and external training in educational institutions, oil companies and field trips.
4 - The head of each department sets a time schedule for training the students of the department and supervising them in the internal training in laboratories and workshops in the Academy in accordance with the approved study plan, as well as supervision of students during visits to external training in various specialized oil and educational institutions.
5 - To be successful in the field training is required to get the student to 60% of the final grade.
6 - The student is considered to remain for repetition if he failed in the field training even if he was successful in all other theoretical courses and remains for repetition in this course only.
7- The Academy Council shall approve the regulations of the year and the final applied examination in the field training for each specialization, in the light of the suggestions of the councils of the concerned departments (oil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, natural gas technology engineering).

Attendance Rate

The student should follow the theoretical lectures and practical applications provided that the attendance rate should not be less than 75% of the lessons of each course separately.
At the request of the councils of the concerned departments and the accreditation of the Academy Council, the student is forbidden from taking the final exam in the courses that did not meet the prescribed rate of attendance. In this case, the student is considered a failure in the courses, which is forbidden to take the exam.
If the student submits an official documented excuse for not attending it that the Academy Council accepts, the student shall be considered absent with an acceptable excuse.

Academic Departments