Academy Departments

The Academy consists of four main departments, namely, Petroleum Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Natural Gas Technology Engineering, which were established according to the requirements of the labor market in the oil industry in Yemen.

Academic Departments

The importance of oil and gas engineering science lies in the exploration and extraction of petroleum, which is considered one of the most important natural resources due to its multiple applications, in the fields of energy, or as raw materials and products on which various manufacturing industries depend, which meet the human need in all aspects of life .

The oil industry needs highly qualified national cadres, because of the use of modern and complex technologies that make oil companies have one option of attracting foreign labor to work in various oil and gas technologies .Therefor the academy was established in order to qualify national cadres in highly scientific manners to replace foreign workers and perform their national duty to achieve sustainable development .

Oil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Natural Gas Technology Engineering Department

Electricity Engineering